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Return & Reset
The Little Beach.jpg

If you know me and see me or talk to me on any kind of a regular basis, you know that I have been in a state of “getting back to sewing” for a long time. 

A couple of years ago, I was renting a studio in downtown San Rafael and teaching sewing to kids after school. Things were going well. My classes were full and I had people begging to get into my classes. My original plan was to teach in the after school hours and use the other hours during the day to work on my own stuff - bags and accessories to sell in my online shop. The problem was that I got so busy that I was spending all of my non-teaching hours prepping for classes. I was shopping for supplies, tracing and cutting patterns, preparing project kits to make classes go more smoothly… Outside of that, time to exercise and shower in the morning and do extensive volunteer work at the kids’ school, I had no time left over to do my own work. It got so that people forgot that I ever made products to sell  in the first place… I became simply a sewing teacher. 

Teaching was only ever meant as a way to pay for the studio rent. I never wanted it to become the entire business. Plus, I was not loving the work. Most of my students were great, but let’s face it - kids are kids, and I already had two of my own. I was getting home at 5:30, having to keep track of my kids’ whereabouts after school by phone or having them come to the studio and do homework while I was teaching (which was always a disaster), and I was always feeling rushed for dinner and my house was always a mess. Plus, the very nature of an after school program of any kind implies “day care” for some parents, which means some of my students just weren’t as passionate about learning to sew as others.

Spring of 2015 was my last full schedule. After teaching a little over that summer between family vacations, I made the decision to end the classes altogether and move out of the studio. I could have changed gears and dived right into trying to produce enough product to keep paying the rent, but it wasn’t in a great part of downtown so instead I sold off as much of my stuff as I could and moved what was left back home. That was exactly two years ago.

Two Years…. 

In that time I have done little in the way of getting my business to do anything but sink further into the unknown. I’ve made a few things here and there to sell and I’ve sewn some custom pillows for people, but that’s about it. That’s not to say I’ve had nothing to do. I spent the rest of the 2015-16 school year as a full time volunteer fundraiser for our elementary school (work that I was doing before, but stepped into full force when I stopped teaching). And the, I proceeded to do the same for the following school year. Now, with both of my kids at the middle school (where I have vowed to hold back on my own volunteerism and let some other parents pick up the slack), I have some time on my hands and I am trying to motivate myself to use it. 

I have ideas, the outlines of plans, I definitely have skills. My problem is procrastination and brain fog. There are things that have slowed me down. But I have been feeling a surge of energy coming on these last few days. I am ready for some clarity and productivity to manifest. It’s time to stop letting exhaustion, fear, and grief hold me back and instead, to maximize the hours I have while the kids are at school and hanging with friends to recharge and reinvigorate my work. 

** The image above was taken on October 17, 2017 at a place my family and I call "The Little Beach." It was a favorite spot of Bear, our chocolate lab who we had to put down that afternoon after his long fight against cancer and a number of other health issues. He was 14 and The Best Dog Ever! My first baby, he was the most loyal, lovable and faithful companion a family could ask for. Somewhere out there, he is romping with a pack of labs or bathing in a patch of sun. We will miss him forever!

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Jennifer Spilly
One Little Word... Reach!
Utah Mountain

Off and on for years I have followed Ali Edwards' blog. Not because I have a particular interest in scrapbooking... I really don't, but just because I like her style. I admire her ability to track her life in a creative way. I am, in fact, horrible at the life tracking, photo keeping and general presentation of our family's life events for posterity's sake. I've tried, but the task is just overwhelming - not like the old days where you developed your film at the local drugstore, picked the good ones and slapped them in an album. No, now we all have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of images to sift through, edit and sort, file and store. Painful! Still, I find myself heading back to Ali's blog from time to time. Usually this happens at the start of the year when she's introducing her "one little word."

I've wanted to choose "one little word" in years past. I've come close. Silent brainstorming gets me to the point of coming up with an unwritten list, but then I fizzle out, get distracted and give up. This year, however, I feel a pull to participate. I feel the need to reflect, dive deep and investigate. So, on a hike a few days ago I listened to Ali talk about One Little Word on the Elise Gets Crafty podcast. I started making a list of words on my phone right then. I knew this time I would get farther.

I made a list of about twelve words, but no matter what other words came, one alone spoke to me. REACH.  

REACH, both a verb and a noun, can be your final goal or the act of getting there. However you look at it, REACH is beyond wherever you started. REACH means you are either doing something about attaining your goal, getting that "thing" or you have already arrived. Either way, I think this is a pretty powerful way to approach a year where I am trying to figure out the direction of my business, find ways I can grow personally, creatively and professionally, and, most importantly, get out of my comfort zone and make real change no matter what that might look like twelve months from now.

My plan is to work through REACH, to do the exercises outlined in Ali's program to truly connect with my word. But even if I don't do it all and simply just think "REACH!" as I work through the steps of 2017, I will be ahead and will reach some of the goals I set out for myself.

This is my commitment to a more thoughtful and mindful year ahead. In 2017 I will REACH beyond...

Jennifer Spilly
Right Now
Instagram Best Nine 2016

Instagram Best Nine 2016

It's been a while. Checking in to share my Instagram Best Nine of 2016, the posts that received the most likes over the past year. It turns out that these images are some of my favorites too. It seems the moments and achievements that touch us most deeply are the things that speak to others about ourselves the most deeply too. Over the past year I started doing some block printing and hand dying, I had a couple of awesome vacations with beautiful vistas and tasty cocktails, I took a stab or two at building daily creative habits, my kids grew (and I have the pics to prove it!). And two things will forever be so: 1) I am a sucker for pics of my kids from our annual Christmas Tree Trek (especially with silly faces and Santa hats) and 2) my husband sure knows how to light a tree... he's always the most popular guy on the block this time of year.

For anyone reading, I wish you a Happy New Year and leave you with a list of thoughts on where I am in my life right now, Taking Stock inspired by Pip of Meet Me At Mike's. Make your own list, it's fun and harder than you'd think...

Making : lists
Cooking : Enchiladas
Drinking : coffee and wine, what else is there?
Reading: In The Company of Women by Grace Bonney
Trawling: Hot for Food Blog and Lauren Toyota... I'm not vegan, but she's inspirational.
Wanting: a new couch
Looking: forward
Deciding: on my "one little word" 
Wishing: people find peace
Enjoying: twinkly lights
Waiting: to speak
Liking: fresh flowers
Wondering: how to get it all done
Loving: my old dog
Pondering: a cleanse and a better fitness plan
Listening: to old vinyl with N
Considering: classes and workshops... for me!
Buying: groceries... really, it never seems to end
Watching: family movies with the kids
Hoping: it all works out
Marvelling: at the freedom of birds
Cringing: when I think ahead to January 20
Needing: nothing
Questioning: my direction
Smelling: geranium
Wearing: my Blundstones almost every day!
Noticing: friends who seem to have it together
Knowing: that they probably really don't
Thinking: about classes and workshops
Admiring: creative people
Getting: rid of extra stuff, making room for the Holiday haul
Bookmarking: One Little Word
Disliking: the tween years
Opening: Holiday cards
Closing: the year
Feeling: a little stuck
Hearing: my own voice
Celebrating: new beginnings
Pretending: that I am not a procrastinator
Embracing: my babies who aren't babies anymore

Natural Beauty & Announcements
Shadows & Bike Tracks
Shadows & Bike Tracks

We are currently on our annual vacation to Crested Butte, Colorado and I must say that due to some massive rainfall (sorry fellow Californians!), Mother Nature is in rare form. Yes, it is ALWAYS beautiful here! This is our twelfth year in Crested Butte and we have yet to be dissappointed, but this year is by far the most spectacular when it comes to just all out beauty. Our schedule usually gets us here just as the wildflowers are wilting. This time, however, I am constantly finding myself in awe of the variety of flowers and colors I find at every turn. Each day I hike with the dog along the same trail, and each day a new  scene draws my eye - new varieties of wildflowers waving in the wind, clouds of every shape and color imaginable, critters peeking out of bushes and scuttling along the trails, mountain reflections like paintings on the lake. I could go on and on... it really is amazing. Here are just a few highlights...

Sunny Flowers
Sunny Flowers
Courageous Caterpillar
Courageous Caterpillar
Mount Crested Butte Reflection
Mount Crested Butte Reflection
CB at Sundown
CB at Sundown
Real Mountains (looking like a painting)
Real Mountains (looking like a painting)
Morning Hike at Peanut Lake
Morning Hike at Peanut Lake

In light of all the beauty and relaxation, however, there is still work to be done. So... keep your eyes peeled here or on the Sewing Classes page of my website. The Fall sewing schedule should be up in the next day or so. I am revamping the format a bit with Monday and Tuesday classes running longer sessions focused primarily on the beginning sewist. Wednesday classes will be completely new and improved featuring Wednesday Workshops, one-time three hour classes focusing on one project each time for the experienced sewist. These will be one-off classes where students will complete a specific, pre-planned project in one three-hour class. Stay tuned for more information!

Fruits, Veggies & Creative Friendships

Strawberries What a great day! Back in May I was lucky enough to pick up a session on our school auction to draw with fellow parent, Neiley Royston. Neiley is an amazing artist who composes beautifully dreamy illustrations inspired by her weekly meanderings through the Marin County Farmers Market. Today, I had the pleasure of finally taking my little field trip with Neiley, her daughter and a friend to the market, choosing some fresh, art-worthy produce and flowers and heading back to Neiley's home to get to work.

A few hours later I had created a fun collection of my own. Let me be clear... I like to draw and do often with my kids, but I need some serious help. Normally, I don't share my drawing with anyone but my kids, but I've wanted to develop this skill for a long time. Neiley finally gave me the confidence to trust my own instincts and just keep working. As "they" say, "we are our own worst critic" and I certainly look at these little art works and think of many things I would do differently a second time around. However, I am pretty proud of myself. Even if the drawings aren't what I would consider perfect, the process alone and the chance to get to know a fellow creative soul right down the street is worth any fear I might have sharing this work on the internet.

We started with line drawing some fennel...


And then I took a stab at a rather adult looking beech mushroom...

Beech Mushroom

I played with watercolors and still life...

Melon, Cucumber & Purple Pepper

And then a little blended watercolor pencil...


Finally, when I was home, I couldn't resist doing just a little more so I saved a few of the strawberries I bought this morning and...


To top it all off, it actually rained. I mean, like, it really rained... in July!

Neiley & Jen with Market Flowers

Here's to creative friendships, trusting your instincts and rain!

art, friendsJennifer