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Studio Before 1

In November we got a set of bunk beds and moved Gianna into Nathan's room.  This happened because I needed space for my sewing stuff which seemed to be taking over the house.  So, here it is - my new sewing studio clearly in a state of transition.  Lavendar paint still on the walls, poofy gingham shade still in place, and wooden angel mobile hanging from the ceiling - no matter, I still took over the room.  We brought back my giant desk from storage and I got down to work.  I am sure this room will get rearranged ten times before I find the "perfect" set-up.  OK, it's only 8x10 (tiny!) so how many ways can you rearrange it?  Oh, I will find a way!  Just ask my mother.  I used to rearrange my bedroom once a week when I was a teenager and that was not a large room either.

Even though it is far from perfect and will go through many stages of transition before I feel truly moved in, I am totally excited and looking forward to being able to leave my work out, spread out and store all of my things in one place.  Take a look below at the paint swatch on the wall.  That's Benjamin Moore Ansonia Peach and, oddly, I love it!  I'm not really an orange/peachy person, but I am pretty sure this is my color.

This is such a huge improvement over having a workbench in the garage (with dust on everything), my sewing machine in the hall and piles moving from the dining table to other locations throughout the house each night in order for us to eat dinner.  Looking forward to really making it mine and getting some great projects pumped out.

Studio Before 2

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