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my funny valentine

We spent yesterday afternoon making Valentine's Day cards for all of Nathan's classmates at preschool.  I wanted to get away from the store bought kind and throw a little something handmade into the holiday.  Nathan probably would have preferred a box of super hero cards with cool graphics, but I insisted that we at least try to be original.

I cut some red card stock into 3x3 cards.  On some heavy white drawing paper I traced hearts from a cookie cutter onto one side.  Nathan glued bits and pieces of colored paper and sequins to the other side.  The colored paper was made up of different tissues left over from Christmas and cut up painted paper from my "turn into wrapping paper" stash of Nathan's school artwork (I just can't keep everything he makes).  When everything was dry, I cut out the hearts and used double stick tape to stick them to the red cards and wrote "Happy Velentine's Day" on the back.  Nathan personalized them by adding two Spiderman stickers to the front and one to the back of each card and signing his name.


the boy at work

Nathan worked very precisely and carefully decided which stickers to use from his book of 200 Spiderman stickers.



signed & sealed

ready for delivery

We bagged them up and prepared them for delivery.  Overall, Nathan loved the cards and was proud to hand them out on the big day.

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