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liz/elizabeth bag

Liz Bag

My friend Liz asked me to make this bag as a gift for her sister-in-law, Elizabeth.  I'll make another one of these to sell at some point (when I get it together and open that shop) and when I do, I will call it the Liz Bag simply to remind myself of this one.

I love this Amy Butler fabric - it's Pressed Flowers from her Daisy Chain line.  Funny, I don't really like the other colors this print came in, but the pink and green is burned on my brain.  And, I love that green.  I have a pile of that green solid and I seem to find a way to match it with everything.

Liz bag inside

I made this bag after several other totes like it in other fabrics.  I'm playing around with different interfacings to get the right weight.  This process is more complicated than a non-bag maker might think.  For this one, which turned out nice, I used a relatively lightweight shirt interfacing as well as a sew-in (Pellon 40) to add some structure.  Still working on the perfect combination but this one got darn close to what I have been looking for.  I was also pretty proud of my stitching on this, but maybe it just looked nicer because I found the perfect green thread to go with my favorite green solid.

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