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studio after / in progress

Finally making some progress on the studio re-do. The walls are Ansonia Peach as planned and I love it! 

I used a twin sized quilt batting to create a small design wall behind the desk. I am not a quilter - at least not yet - but this will serve me well by allowing me to stick up swatches of fabrics that I am planning to pair together. And I do hope, at some point, to start experimenting with quilts and this will be the perfect spot to build my blocks. The batting material acts the same as a felt board allowing you to stick up pieces of fabric without pins. I hung the batting using some heavy push pins and it seems pretty sturdy so far. I don't recommend this method, however, if your husband has issues with tacks in the sheetrock. Not sure how this is any better or worse than all the nails and hooks around holding up our artwork, but let's just say we had a bit of a "discussion" when he had discovered what I had done.

That white cabinet to the right holds my sewing machine. It's the hydrolic-lift type from Joann's purchased a couple of years ago. I splurged on the custom plexi-glass frame to slip in around my machine in order to make the stitch plate flush with the table top. I decided to leave the desk area under the design wall open for cutting and set up the serger to the left. So now I can be at my desk (where there is usually a chair hiding all of my messy storage below) and move freely from cutting, to sewing, to serging. The ironing board I set up at the other end of the room and just hang it up on the back of the door when I want it out of the way.

The shelf above the desk is from Ikea (just a board with braces really) and that bulletin board below it is loaded with current inspiration.

This space is coming along and is really starting to feel like my own. I am sure the studio, just as the things I make in it, will continue to be a constant work in progress, but for now I feel like it is on the right track.

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