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spring? is that you?

So, after far too much rain, it seems that Spring, like the sunny part of Spring, might actaully be coming after all.  Really by this time of year we've usually had a heat wave or two and have spent more than a handful of days in sleeveless shirts, hanging outside until long after dinner time and taking dips in the kiddie pool.  But not this year.  Rain and grey days have been hanging around and I am disappointed to hear that the rain may not be over.  We won't let that get us down though.  We will enjoy it while we can.

Yesterday for instance was the perfect Saturday.  A t-ball game mid-morning joined by the grandparents and followed by a picnic lunch on the beach in China Camp.  People were at the beach in bathing suits playing in the water!  This is a beach where I have rarely seem more than a few people and always fully clothed, but apparently pent up from lack of sun, everyone came out of the woodwork, and wardrobe.  The kids skipped rocks with Gramps and gobbled up chocolate chip cookies for dessert. 

Then there was today.  An all around perfect Sunday of doing a whole lot of nothing.  We loafed around for a while in the morning, then Mr. Spilly got up late and made his usual Sunday breakfast for the kids of eggs, pancakes and bacon while I cleaned up a bit.  After that the kids put on summer clothes and we headed out to the backyard for more loafing around.  They spritzed flowers with spray bottles, played in the sandbox and eventually put on bathing suits and splashed in the kiddie pool and finally the slip-n-slide.  For hours, Mr. Spilly and I were able to get some work done.  I sat outside with my computer and added captions and tags to many Flickr photos.  Mr. Spilly was able to do some work and whip together a little table to use next to his assortment of favorite outdoor chairs.

Later in the day we took all of our bikes (yes, mine too) over to the schoolyard and left behind one thing... G.'s training wheels!  That's right, she finally did it - helped along by seeing Mommy ride her own bike.  That was the deal... she said she would let Daddy take off the training wheels if Mommy rode her bike too.  Yeah!  Congratulations little girl.  Glad to help move this milestone along.  Here's hoping for lots more perfect Spring weekends.

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