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Pillowcase Dresses

My girl, who is a good four months away from turning four, seems to be outgrowing all of her size 4T hand-me-down sundresses faster than I can put them on her.  And, although our summer has been anything but typical in terms of weather, there is still need for a sundress here and there.  So, in a desperate attempt to keep everyone happy and get us through the end of summer, I whipped up a couple of pillowcase dresses.

I think G. really loves them.  As things seem to go I don't sew that much stuff for my kids, so when I do, it's a pretty big deal.  I made this red one which I absolutely love, as well as a blue floral that I will post if I ever get around to photographing it...  The fabric is a little on the stiff side, a heavier quilting cotton, so they really are a bit tent-like but nice and long.  Perfect for a few super-hot days!  I wish I could wear something like this, but I believe on adults these are called muu muus and not super attractive on out-of-shape 40-year-olds living in the Burbs and driving the kids back and forth to school.

I purchased the fabrics at least a year ago with some other little girl dresses in mind.  I kept kicking myself for never making anything out of them, but now of course I am thankful for my tendency toward procrastination.