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Someone Call The Tooth Fairy!

You see, all through the second half of Kindergarten this boy asked each day, sometimes more than once, "When am I gonna lose a tooth?"  That question was usually followed by, "What will the Tooth Fairy give me when it happens?" or "How does the Tooth Fairy know when it's my turn?"  I kept telling him it would all happen in good time and not to worry about the girls in his class, some of whom had already lost at least 4 teeth (darn precocious girls!).

So, you can imagine his excitement when a tooth finally got the slightest bit loose.  He pushed and prodded it constantly, hoping it would fall out before the end of the school year.  But, nope!  That sucker must have been rooted in there good because it has stayed in for a good two months just teasing us ever so gently.  That's all over now!

Look at that tiny little thing!  Hard to believe teeth that tiny can chew steak or efficiently scrape the kernals off of a corn cob.  By the end, the thing was dangling by a slight thread of skin and I had to reach in and quickly yank it out because I was afraid he would end up swallowing it.  He was so excited, he jumped in the air.  He ran outside to show Daddy, still jumping and then I was afraid he would drop it into the lawn.  He held on though and proceeded to tuck it into this puppy that I finished whipping up just in time...

This cutey is based on the pattern over here at "mmmcrafts".  He came out so cute (if I do say so myself)!  Rather than making the mouth into a pocket like the original pattern, I decided to just add a pocket to the front of one "leg".  That same space fabric used for the pocket (picked up at JoAnn's ages ago) makes up the whole back of the tooth.  He hangs perfectly on the bed post so the Tooth Fairy can quickly get the tooth out and money in without waking up the sleeping boy.  Perfect!

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