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Gluten Free Friday - Lotus Cuisine of India

This week, my Gluten Free Friday post is simple!  Wednesday, our boy had a Scout meeeting smack in the middle of dinner time.  So, rather than take the whole family out late for a frustrating meal in a restaurant or trying to race to get something interesting together at home, we decided to make it simple all the way around.  Easy dinner for the kids before the meeting and then, pick up dinner for The Mr. and me on the way home.  The question, of course, "What do we pick up?"

I recently read an advertisement for Lotus Cuisine of India here in San Rafael mentioning that they specialize in gluten free food.  I had no idea!  Now, I do realize that most of the entrees on a standard Indian restaurant menu are already gluten free.  The excitement about Lotus is all in the menu and how it is put together.  And, of course, it doesn't hurt that the food is delicious!

The best part for me...appetizers!  So hard to find a truly satisfying restaurant appetizer that is gluten free and I was definitely in the mood for something fried.  The Spinach Pakaros more than did the trick.  I followed them up with a meal of gluten free Naan, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Lamb Rogan Josh.

The thing about the menu is that each item or section is marked to let you know exactly which dishes are gluten free - no guessing or asking a million questions of your server.  Lotus is a must if you like Indian food, gluten free or not.  I would have taken pictures of the meal but it disappeared too fast and who wants to see a bunch of empty dirty plates and take out containers?

Gluten Free FridayJennifer