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Gluten Free Friday - flourchylde & the pumpkin pie

Happy Day After Thanksgiving to all!  I hope this day finds you well fed and in good health and spirits.

Each year I make a huge Thanksgiving dinner for my husband's family, with the occasional addition of some of my family or other friends.  Yesterday was no different.  We had (if I do say so myself) a pretty amazing meal followed, of course, by some pretty amazing pie.  Now, I won't get into all of the other stuff.  It's all pretty standard - turkey, cranberries, potatoes, stuffing, etc.  But, I will talk about pie!!

This year was my first Thanksgiving being gluten free so, of course, my major concern was pie.  What would I have for dessert?  Well, I should have known Flour Chylde Bakery would come through for me.  In addition to an assortment of regular pies for everyone else, I picked up a pumpkin pie from Flour Chylde Bakery in Novato, CA (just north of me) and, as I expected, it was delicious!  The pie is described on the menu as a combination of pumpkin and yams laced with brandy.  Sounds yummy, huh?  Well, it was ridiculously yummy!  Better than most wheat crust pies I have had.  The whole thing, crust and filling, was rich and dense and topped with a sweet crumb topping.

Now a couple of things must be said here.  First, if you have nut allergies or sensitivities, this is not the bakery for you.  Many of their "wheat free/gluten free" baked goods at Flour Chylde are made using a base of almond flour.  The almond flour creates a delicate flavor and rich, moist texture, but is certainly not for those who have adverse reactions to nuts.  Second, this is not an exclusively gluten free bakery.  The primary selection here is made from traditional wheat flours.  They do note in a disclaimer on their website that they do clean everything thoroughly, but that there is a chance of cross contamination and that, "For those who are highly sensitive to wheat flour, glutens, nuts or any other food allergens we suggest that you do NOT risk eating our baked goods."  My reaction to gluten is not severe so I have taken my chances here several times and, for the record, have never had a reaction to any of their baked goods.

With all that said, I cannot recommend this place highly enough.  They make a selection of other gluten free items that are available year round and are delicious and certainly hit the spot if you are aching for a really yummy baked good and a hot cup of coffee or you need a gluten free cake for a party.  Be sure to check out the website to see the full menu.

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