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I can’t even begin to make reasonable excuses for why I haven’t posted a single entry to my blog in over a year. What I can say is that a lot has been happening! Between finding myself doing a full-time job volunteering at school and being a mom, I have found myself with little time to do the other things I should be doing like sewing, teaching, writing and concentrating on my business. Truth be told, the business has now transformed itself into something of a sewing school. I found a way to squeeze in about 6 hours of teaching a week plus prep time through all of fall, winter and spring of last school year, as well as getting in a couple of easy summer camps. I am now starting up my second session of the current school year and things are definitely ramping up again as my volunteer obligations seem to be ramping down.


girls with totes


I am teaching an almost full roster of kids Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. I have a range of experienced and beginner kids to work with including a group of fourth grade boys who are as excited as any girl I have ever taught. I have to admit, I was not prepared for the enthusiasm of boys wanting to sew to touch me in the way it has. I love it!

As the classes flourish, The Mr. and I are brought again to the idea of me moving my studio out of the house and into a local office/studio space. It really is difficult and draining to have to set up and take down five sewing machines, supplies, a cutting table and ironing board three days a week, all the while feeling like what I really want is to be able to add more classes and workshops for adults without further inconveniencing my family. The kids really do need their own rooms and I need to spread out and feel independent of being “at home.” There are a couple of possibilities in town so I am hoping anyone who reads this will cross their fingers for me!

For now, I am spinning with possibilities and ideas for what could be if I had the space, time and wherewithal to make it happen. I feel a change is on the horizon…a good one! Part of my list of goals and possibilities is that I will continue to return to this space to update anyone interested on what is happening. If you are one of those people, thank you, and please keep checking back. These things have a way of either happening quickly or not happening at all. Let’s hope for the former!

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