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Just a Little Something I Whipped Up...

My current Tuesday and Wednesday classes are made up of girls who've been sewing with me for the better part of a year. By now, they are all pretty confident sewers. So, when trying to decide what project we should do next, I had a few goals in mind:

  • It would be useful;
  • It would include interfacing;
  • It would involve multiple pieces (this is good practice in organization, sewing mechanics and patience);
  • It would involve turning corners (oddly, one of my favorite skills to teach young minds!);
  • It would require very little ironing AND could be measured out almost completely by the students themselves!
  • AND... Whatever we decided, it would NOT be American Girl Doll clothes! Though I love all sewing, trying to make tiny little seams with a bunch of tiny little hands was starting to drive me a little nuts!

With young sewers I am finding that it is very easy to have them continue to sew simple, straight lines over and over churning out stacks of useless items. It is important to me, however, to get them adding skills and techniques  to their repertoires so they can eventually begin working on projects at home. So, in order to hold their interest, I encourage my students to make things that they can use and that look impressive to the non-sewer.

What I decided on was an idea I have had in my head for a while - a notebook cover. A fabric cover with a flap to hold a Moleskine Notebook, size 5 x 8.25 (or something similar), and a facing pocket to hold a pen or pencil and other odds and ends. Now here is the sad part... the picture of the one I made... I only had an hour to whip up a sample before picking the kids up at school today...


Notebook cover 1

To those who don't sew, it probably doesn't look that sad. But, the rest of you, you see it! Yup, the darn thing is too small. :( I know it's not that big of a deal. Good thing I made the sample up so I can add an extra half-inch onto the pattern for the kids. Regardless, it's very cute. Two of the girls started theirs today and they seem pretty excited. Here's the inside...

Notebook cover 2

It looks a little better opened up. Not so obvious that it's too small! The little bonuses are the covered metal button on the front (the girls LOVED making these) and using the hair elastic as the button loop (they think this is genius!). Tomorrow I'll have five more students starting these - wish me luck!

In other news, I am starting to think about Christmas. I cannot believe it is almost here AGAIN!! Maybe this will be the year I make new stockings for us all and truly deck us out in some Handmade Holiday Hoopla. We. Shall. See.

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