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Sewing Selfie  

Here's to a lot more of this ^ and a lot less of nothin' going on around here in 2014! For a year that started out somewhat average and normal, 2013 ended on a definite upswing. The whirlwind of renting and moving into my own studio bookended by an active, family-filled Thanksgiving weekend and a generous and more family-filled Christmas was stressful and often frustrating. There's not much that makes me more uneasy than living in clutter and disorganization. Thankfully (and just in time for the New Year) I am now feeling relieved to have time in the studio to settle in, ponder new designs, get crafty and teach some enthusiastic students.

I feel so many opportunities on the horizon... I hope you do too, in whatever it is you choose to do this year! Happy 2014!