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Fruits, Veggies & Creative Friendships

Strawberries What a great day! Back in May I was lucky enough to pick up a session on our school auction to draw with fellow parent, Neiley Royston. Neiley is an amazing artist who composes beautifully dreamy illustrations inspired by her weekly meanderings through the Marin County Farmers Market. Today, I had the pleasure of finally taking my little field trip with Neiley, her daughter and a friend to the market, choosing some fresh, art-worthy produce and flowers and heading back to Neiley's home to get to work.

A few hours later I had created a fun collection of my own. Let me be clear... I like to draw and do often with my kids, but I need some serious help. Normally, I don't share my drawing with anyone but my kids, but I've wanted to develop this skill for a long time. Neiley finally gave me the confidence to trust my own instincts and just keep working. As "they" say, "we are our own worst critic" and I certainly look at these little art works and think of many things I would do differently a second time around. However, I am pretty proud of myself. Even if the drawings aren't what I would consider perfect, the process alone and the chance to get to know a fellow creative soul right down the street is worth any fear I might have sharing this work on the internet.

We started with line drawing some fennel...


And then I took a stab at a rather adult looking beech mushroom...

Beech Mushroom

I played with watercolors and still life...

Melon, Cucumber & Purple Pepper

And then a little blended watercolor pencil...


Finally, when I was home, I couldn't resist doing just a little more so I saved a few of the strawberries I bought this morning and...


To top it all off, it actually rained. I mean, like, it really rained... in July!

Neiley & Jen with Market Flowers

Here's to creative friendships, trusting your instincts and rain!

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