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Not too shabby...

as my mom would say. 20120803-105810.jpg My mother is my crochet idol. She does it pretty darn quick and left-handed at that. My entire life I've watched her as she is periodically inspired to pick up the hook and as a child I watched my grandmother before her. Both of them just always seemed to fall back into it no matter how long of a break they took.

20120803-110213.jpg Me, not so much... Sewing, no problem! Knitting, no problem! But up until a month or so ago I was convinced I would never get crochet. Really convinced. No matter how many times I watched my mom or others and no matter how many book diagrams and descriptions I read, I just couldn't get it. But I was determined and finally found a few videos online. I watched over and over, doing the hand movements in my head, starting and unraveling granny square after granny square and, finally, I think I've got it. Seven completed and somewhat attractive squares later, I am feeling pretty darn proud of myself. I have great plans for the granny square and me!


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