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First Day of School 2011

Well, I know this has been true for a few years now, but my babies really aren’t babies anymore. Today was the first day of school and I am officially the mom of two elementary school kids now. Yikes!

In 2nd Grade now, N. has moved over to the big kids building across the schoolyard and G.  is venturing into new territory for all of us with a different Kindergarten teacher than N. had. It’s all so exciting and nerve wracking too. I expected to get a little choked up this morning leaving G. behind, but N. left me little time for that. As we stood outside of G.’s class N. asked what his room number was. Before I could say “13”, he was running across the schoolyard, no kiss, not even a good-bye. It so distracted me from G.’s situation that I quickly handed her over to her teacher and made sure she was taken care of then ran off to say good-bye to N. and get a picture of him at his new desk.

That was it – done. Two kids in school, no more driving north four days a week to the pricey preschool, everyone safe in one spot just a few blocks from home. Happy!

As I fulfilled part of my volunteer duties stuffing envelopes this morning, I spied G.’s class taking a little tour of the school. They looked so small yet grown up all at the same time, walking in a perfect line, hanging on their teacher’s every word. Half of them walked with fingers in their mouths and eyes popping open – it’s all so big!

I know they are both happy to be back with their friends. The summer was great and relaxing for us all, but I know they reached their limit on how long they could stand playing mostly just with each other.  We’re all glad to get back to some sort of routine, a rhythm.

As relieved as I am to have some of my own time back, on this first day I can’t help but spend my time off anticipating the stories I will hear in just a few short hours. Old friends, new friends and a sweet mix of fear and excitement over what they’ve been told to expect from the school year. It reminds me how many memories of my own I have from similar days as a child, all of the many new beginnings, and I can only hope they look back on these days with the same fondness because they are truly special.

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